HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Baltimore, MD, USA or Virtually from your home or work.

2nd Edition of International Conference on Gastroenterology

October 21-23, 2024, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

October 21 -23, 2024 | Baltimore, MD, USA

Gastro 2024

Speaker at Gastroenterology 2024 - Wei Qiu
Loyola University Chicago, United States

Title: The role of ABL kinases in alcohol-associated liver disease

Speaker at Gastroenterology 2024 - Lana Aleuy
Emory University School of Medicine, United States

Title: Nausea and vomiting: More than just a GI case

Speaker at Gastroenterology 2024 - Marjorie M. Rooney
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences, United States

Title: Physician bypass: Exploring google searches for gastritis

Speaker at Gastroenterology 2024 - Dakota Bigham
The University of Texas Health Science Center- San Antonio, United States

Title: An unexpected abscess- A unique pesentation of colorectal carcinoma

Speaker at Gastroenterology 2024 - Ying Yang
Key Laboratory for Diagnosis and Treatment of Infectious Diseases, China

Title: The role of dandelion in viruses and aging through the digestive system

Speaker at Gastroenterology 2024 - Jinhua Hu
Fifth Medical Center of Chinese PLA General Hospital, China

Title: Liver Regeneration (LR): The treatment of liver failure and beyond