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2nd Edition of International Conference on Gastroenterology

October 21-23, 2024, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

October 21 -23, 2024 | Baltimore, MD, USA

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

Endoscopy of the gastrointestinal tract is one of the most prevalent invasive procedures in clinical practice. A doctor can examine the interior lining of your digestive tract through a procedure called gastrointestinal endoscopy. An endoscope is a flexible fibre-optic tube with a tiny TV camera at the end that is used for this examination. The camera is either attached to an eyepiece for direct viewing or to a video screen, which displays the images on a colour television. The endoscope can be used to diagnose as well as treat gastrointestinal (GI) disorders. Endoscopy of the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) has advanced at a rapid speed in the last decade. The scope of therapeutic endoscopy has expanded substantially as a result of technological advancements. Novel endoscopic procedures for diagnosing and treating GI disorders, including gastric neoplasms, have sprung out as a result of technological developments.

  • Sedation for endoscopy
  • HD endoscopy
  • Upper GI endoscopy (EGD)
  • Colonoscopy
  • Enteroscopy
  • Risks of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
  • Therapeutic Endoscopy
Committee Members
Speaker at Gastroenterology Conferences - Philip M Hemken

Philip M Hemken

Abbott Diagnostics Division R&D, United States
Speaker at Gastroenterology Conferences - John Andrew Sutton

John Andrew Sutton

Gastria Ltd, United Kingdom
Speaker at Gastroenterology Conferences - Orestis Ioannidis

Orestis Ioannidis

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Gastro 2024 Speakers
Speaker at GI Conferences - Perry Hookman

Perry Hookman

Light of the World Free Clinic, United States
Speaker at GI Conference - Bipneet Singh

Bipneet Singh

Henry Ford Jackson, United States
Speaker at Gastroenterology Conference - Dakota Bigham

Dakota Bigham

The University of Texas Health Science Center-San Antonio, United States
Speaker at GI Conferences - Mariam Alamgir

Mariam Alamgir

Washington State University Internal Medicine, United States

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