HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Orlando, FL, USA or Virtually from your home or work.

International Conference on Gastroenterology

April 20-22, 2023

April 20 -22, 2023 | Orlando, Florida, USA

Gastro 2023

Speaker at Gastroenterology 2023 - Hamdy M. Aly
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Hamdy M. Aly, Pharmacology & Toxicology Department, Egypt

Ischemia reperfusion (I/R) injury is a pathophysiologic process whereby hypoxic organ damage is accentuated following return of blood flow and oxygen delivery to the compromised tissue. Transient episodes of hepatic ischemia occur during solid organ transplantation, trauma, [....] » Read More

Speaker at Gastroenterology 2023 - Chumpon Wilasrusmee
Oral Presentation (In-Person)
Chumpon Wilasrusmee , Mahidol University, Thailand

Prokinetic agents have been extensively studied for improving the quality of bowel preparations. However, few studies had investigated the effect of prokinetic agents on post-colonoscopy abdominal discomfort. The purpose of this study is to examine the effectiveness of Itopr [....] » Read More

Speaker at Gastroenterology 2023 - Lorenzo Ricolfi
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Lorenzo Ricolfi , Medical clinic in Bordighera, Italy

In 1622, while vivisecting a dog previously subjected to a poor diet, the famous Italian anatomist, Gaspare Aselli, accidentally noticed the presence of numerous vessels with milky contents in the intestine. He reported his experimental research in "De lactibus sive de lacte [....] » Read More

Speaker at Gastroenterology 2023 - Ishaan Jakhar
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Ishaan Jakhar, internal medicine specialist, United States

Background Systemic Sclerosis (SSc) is an autoimmune condition of unknown etiology. We aim to investigate incidence, characteristics, and risk factors for gastrointestinal (GI) dysmotility in patients diagnosed with SSc using Cerner HealthFacts, a national longitudinal database [....] » Read More

Speaker at Gastroenterology 2023 - Fatima El agy
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Fatima El agy, Laboratory of Biomedical and Translational Research, Morocco

Lymph node metastasis is an important prognostic and predictive factor for colon cancer. Although the molecular mechanisms inducing Lymph nodes metastasis spread are currently unknown. We aim in this study to highlight the effect of KRAS, and NRAS mutations, and microsatellite in [....] » Read More

Speaker at Gastroenterology 2023 - Brandon Lucke-Wold
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Brandon Lucke-Wold, University of Florida, United States

The gut-brain axis plays an important role in bidirectional communication that exists and can be altered by injury. Neurotrauma provides acute alteration in the GI tract and alters autonomic function. In this focused review, we highlight what is known about GI disruption followin [....] » Read More

Speaker at Gastroenterology 2023 - Luis Miguel Nieto
Poster Presentation (In-Person)
Luis Miguel Nieto , WellStar Atlanta Medical Center, United States

Zieve’s syndrome (ZS) is a rare condition that occurs in the setting of alcohol-related liver disease; characterized by hemolytic anemia, hyperlipidemia and jaundice. This syndrome is hard to differentiate from other alcohol-related pathology, resulting in unnecessary thera [....] » Read More

Speaker at Gastroenterology 2023 - Tali Nguefack Lionel Danny
Poster Presentation (In-Person)
Tali Nguefack Lionel Danny, Microbiology and Pharmacology Laboratory, Turkey

H.pylori infection is universally prevalent and constitutes a public health problem due to its prevalence, cost, morbidity and mortality. This infection, although contraindicated, is associated with risk factors for cardiovascular disease. During our study, we collected 1815 b [....] » Read More

Speaker at Gastroenterology 2023 - Babajide Oyedotun
Poster Presentation (Virtual)
Babajide Oyedotun, Interfaith Medical Center, United States

Acute cholangitis (AC) is a relatively uncommon condition, with less than 200,000 cases reported in the United States annually. It is however a life-threatening condition, with a mortality rate of 50% without prompt treatment.  

Speaker at Gastroenterology 2023 - Jawed Alam
Poster Presentation (Virtual)
Jawed Alam, ICMR-Regional Medical Research Centre, India

Helicobacter pylori is a Gram-negative, spiral pathogen that infects more than 50% of the world’s population. Infection with H. pylori plays an important role in the development of duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer, gastric cancer. The outcome of infection depends on bacterial [....] » Read More

Speaker at Gastroenterology 2023 - Nadir Miry
Poster Presentation (Virtual)
Nadir Miry, Mohammed VI university hospital, Morocco

This is a 69-year-old male who presented with an upper gastrointestinal bleeding caused by a bulbar ulcer. The patient initially received conservative treatment using the Weinberg technique, which consists on a ligation of the gastroduodenal artery, a week later an antrectomy wit [....] » Read More

Speaker at Gastroenterology 2023 - Jaylo Garcia Abalos
Poster Presentation (Virtual)
Jaylo Garcia Abalos, Region I Medical Center, Philippines

BACKGROUND: Various gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms including diarrhea, nausea/vomiting and abdominal pain have been reported in patients with Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). In this context, the presence of GI symptoms is variably associated with poor clinical outcomes in CO [....] » Read More

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